LEGO-xtra playmats & accessory packs

There is a new line of LEGO accessory packs called LEGO-xtra, which currently include three playmats, and several small parts-packs. I thought to discuss these in more detail, as they are going to be very useful in building up a good selection of parts. So, let’s take a look. 🙂

The #853840 LEGO-xtra Road Playmat, the #853841 LEGO-xtra Sea Playmat, and the #853842 LEGO-xtra Park Playmat feature two 10 inch (25cm) square laminated, double-sides playmats with printed graphics, buildable connectors and some starter elements. I have reviewed an earlier version of these playmats here: New LEGO City & LEGO Friends Playmats.

To summarize from the previous review linked above, the playmats are made of very sturdy laminated cardboard that almost make them feel like plastic. They are the same size as a standard 32 x 32 stud baseplate, although they are somewhat thicker, and they have graphics on both sides. Each playmat piece has holes at the corners, just big enough to fit a 2×2 brick. The holes are used to connect the playmats using standard LEGO bricks and plates. This new playmat system is excellent to build up roads and landscapes, and blends together nicely with regular LEGO elements.

The #853840 LEGO-xtra Road Playmat includes two playmat pieces, one featuring a curved road section on both sides with different landscapes, and the other a features a curved road section on both sides with different landscapes. By mixing and matching the playmat pieces, you can create four different settings. The #853841 LEGO-xtra Sea Playmat also includes two playmat pieces, but this time with watery settings featuring a beach or a pier. Again, you can mix and match the playmats to create four different settings. The #853842 LEGO-xtra Park Playmat features a park setting with dirt roads, grass, a small pond, and patches of dirt. As with the previous playmats, you can flip around the pieces and connect them in different combinations.

Just like with the previously released LEGO City and LEGO Friends playmats, you also get some standard LEGO elements to connect the playmats via the holes in the corners, and to build a bit of landscaping with trees, flowers, benches, etc. These playmats are an excellent (and cheaper) alternative to traditional baseplates. The playmat packs are $7.99 each, and are available at the LEGO-xtra section of the Online LEGO Shop.

The LEGO-xtra line also includes small packs of accessories that could be used as additional pieces for the playmats, or just to build up your parts-inventory. The #40309 LEGO-xtra Food Accessories pack features 30 food accessory elements, including a crate, a full turkey (rare piece!), fish, ice cream, pizza pies (LEGO calls them grapefruit slices), bananas, croissants, carrots, money pieces, cookies, chocolate bars, apples (LEGO calls them broccoli for some reason), and two red cups. The #40310 LEGO-xtra Botanical Accessories pack features 24 botanical-themed accessory items, including trees, plants and bushes, fencing rails, leaves, buildable flowers, and a couple of yellow frogs. The #40311 LEGO-xtra Traffic Lights pack features a wheelbarrow, broom, trashcan with lid, plant leaves, a bottle, a banana, a couple of bones, and 4 buildable traffic lights. The #40312 LEGO-xtra Streetlamps accessory pack features two tall streetlamps, two shorter lamps, a lantern (a new piece this for year!), a newspaper-stand with paper, a camera, a phone, and a bench. The #40313 LEGO-xtra Bicycles accessory pack features two bicycles with front lights, two bike helmets, two bike racks, a skateboard, a piece of mail, a pizza box, an umbrella, a ball cap, a basket, and a backpack. The accessory packs are $3.99 each, and are available at the LEGO X-tra section of the Online LEGO Shop.

It’s great to see LEGO releasing accessory packs like these, and hopefully, they will continue with more packs in the future. The LEGO Classic line is excellent for getting basic LEGO elements, but accessories like plant pieces, food items, small minifig tools, etc. are usually only available in larger sets. Looks like the LEGO X-tra collection is going to be a good way to build up a bulk of these special pieces.

What do you think? How do you like the LEGO X-tra playmats and accessory packs? Do you have any of them already? Or, are you planning to get them? Feel free to share your thoughts and discuss in the comment section below! 😉

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